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Feb 25, 2017

A Day in a Life

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
25 Feb 2017

In many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, it's not
uncommon to make some sort of offering or sacrifices
to the gods. Bear in mind that despite the reciprocal nature
of our relationship with the divine, it's not a matter of
"I'm offering you this stuff so you'll grant my wish."
It's more along the lines of "I honor you and respect you,
so I'm giving you this stuff to show how much I appreciate
your intervention on my behalf."

In our modern days, this Pagan practices still practiced
by many of us not only in the society or community,
or by a certain group, religious sect or the church-
we also observed this in our working places

or in schools or in any attempts to do so
just to please our bosses or superiors to
grant us our wishes or requests- in the likes

of higher pays, bonuses, higher grades, 
give us vacations, etc, etc...

And so in return or in exchange 
for these wishes or requests
to be granted, we offer them something,
or even bribe them the kinds of expensive
valuables, or do what their personal interests, 

honors or even unending work for them
just to make sure we get what we wanted for.

Some get envy. Others get mad. And these
lucky people travel or enjoy leisure while the rests
work hard to earn a descent kind of living...

This is life anyway. Tsk!


Feb 14, 2017

Gundaway ken Sirkumtansia [Erotiko a Daniw]

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

yaonka manipud iti karayan
a pagdigdigosam; iti kasta,
baludennaka dagiti takiagko
iti nairut, kayatko marikna
ti sang-aw ti bara ti bagim-
iti nagbaetan ti langit ken daga

pudno, saanka a nailibay malaksid
iti nasayud a panangdungpar kenka
ti panunotko, ket nagpettak a kas
konfeti a naregreg manipud iti tangatang,
nagpusaksak manipud iti tubbog ti cherry

nakasaganaak, ur-urayek nga awisennak
tapno ipadalanko ti nasam-it a bibigko
dita barukongmo ket mapnekakto
a mangnamam ti arak dagiti didiosen

wen umayak, ungapem dayta bibig
ammok a tagtagiurayem a kunnotek
ti nalabaga, ti derosas a mungay
ket mangibati ti lamma iti panangyaradok
ti dila agingga a maluom
ti maited a gundaway ken sirkumtansia.

gundaway ken sirkumtansia [erotiko a daniw]
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Feb 13, 2017


[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]
A Day in a Life:
14 Feb 2017

Couples who have and planning to have an A+ Relationship keep their love life a number one priority.

How to do that? For me and my wife, we sit down together on the first day of every month and review our calendars. We make our romantic plans first, and then fit other like work/job related, meetings/meeting people, appointments and other commitments to our schedule.

It's not bad to share 6 of your 7 days/nights in a week [8 hours/day or 27 days/month] to other commitments or jobs, or to someone/somebody just to say a satisfactory kindness or compassion to others, still, it's the best yet. But giving-away 70% share to your family because of other commitments is too unfair.

Division of labor is the best.

For my/our own division is something like this: 70% goes to the family, the rest is for other commitments like job/work, friends, appontments, etc, etc...Because as we all know, "dependence" isn't healthy in a love relationship. This leads to co-dependency.

Likewise to "independence" also doesn't work well, either. The questions is, "What's the point of being a couple if your main goal is to be independent?"

So, the best thing to do is to be an "interdependence" wherein the goal that people in A+ Relationship aim for because there's a saying: "familiarity does not 'breed contempt'- it's boredom and lack of creativity that breed contempt... that leads to temptation."



Feb 9, 2017

A Day in a Life: Right or Left Brainers

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
09 Feb 2017

So, who are the better romantics: right-brainers or left-brainers?

Everyone thinks it's the right-brained, creative types by as long as shot. But a great many left-brainers are tremendously romantic. It's just the right-brainers are louder and spontaneously about it. But those logical types are great planners of surprises and great noticing little but important things about their partners.

That means, Right-Brained people tend to be creative and spontaneous. They feel first and think second. And the Left-Brained people tend to be logical and practical. They also feel first and think second., which one are yours?


A Day in a Life

A Day in a Life:
When it comes to romance,
the passion is more
important than the happy ending

Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Kunak Man...

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

"Without you, 
I plant roses,
yet only thorns grow..."

["Iti kaawanmo,
nagmulaak iti rosas
ngem siit ti nagtubo...]

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Feb 5, 2017


[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
05 Feb 2017

The A+ Relationship is a powerful concept that reveals unique insights into loving relationships. It is a technique, a tool that can help you to accomplish teo things. First, it helps you understand your loving relationship on a deep level that is impossible to achieve in any other way. And second, it help you take action on your love in ways that fulfill you and your partner as individual and nurture the two of you as couples.

But how do you achieve an A+ Relationship? You commit yourself to excellence, you work hard, and you work on your relationship skills together. In other words, to the best of your ability, you live your love. Great relationships are acts of concious creation, and the two of you are artists working to create one life out of two. While falling in love does "just happen," staying in love never happens by itself.

You- and every couple have the power to establish your own "rules" and expectations for your relationship. This kind of empowerment is a major factor in why the twenty-first century marks a new epoch in the revolution of human relationships. We're free to break away from the rigid, stereotyped thinking that characterized relationships. You have the oppurtunity to create a "custom-fit" relationship that incorporates the best of the timeless values- commitment, faith, honesty, etc., with best of the modern values- equality, flexibility, creativity, etc. You create your own set of standards and establish your own goals for your relationship.

The A+ Relationship concept focuses on behavior, not on personality. It's not about making value judgments of people, it's about making honest evaluations of people's behavior. It helps you look directly at how you're doing it right now, and then helps you achieve your future relationship goals.

What more would you ask for?


Feb 4, 2017


[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
04 Feb 2017

"Give 100% to your relationship. But don't fall into the trap of trying to "give 150%." It sounds impressive, but it's impossible to give more than you have. It will just frustrate you and make you feel guilty..."

GREAT relationships aren't 50/50. They're 100/100.

Having a "fifty-fifty" relationship sounds like a good goal- but it's not. An equitable realtionship is not the same thing as a loving relationship. Fifty-fifty really means "I'll meet you halfway." In other words, "I'll work only this hard, I"ll give only this much, then it's your turn to meet me halfway." Love is about giving 100%, not merely 50%.

Nobody can give 100% of himself 100% of the time- it's impossible. But you can aim for it, and when you [inevitably] fall short, it'll still be okey. Even if you each fall short by as much as 50%, you'll still be in fine shape; it'll still ass up to something close to 100%. The problem is when you're both trying to limit your giving to "your fair share" - usually defined as 50%. If you do that, you'll definitely fall short of 100%.

Five minutes to romance= 1 day of harmony.

Think of all the times that your failure to do something little thing- like calling to tell her you'll home late from work, or mailing her birthday card on time- has caused a full day of unhappiness. Consistent attention to your lover will keep your relationship balanced and happy. It doesn't take much. Little gestures go a long way.

So for a romantic mathematicians, a cardioid is "the path of a point on a circle that rolls externally, without slipping, on another equal circle."



Palubosannak ta pagrukbabak
ti didiosek iti altar ti nagbaetan
dagita luppo, ket ti isusukok
nga agparintumeng iti sangngoanan
ti mannakabalin unay a puersa ti kueba-
agkurnoak, agdaydayawak kenkuana.

Bay-annak ngarud nga agbalin
nga adipen ni ayat ket awitek
ti mensahe ti essem,
yarasaasko kenka ti makakiki a kararag
tapno sumged ti kinaagnanayon nga apuy.

naadaw iti maysa a paset ti daniwko "bay-am"
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Feb 3, 2017

A Day in a Life: Love is Simple [But it's not easy]

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
03 Feb 2017

Romantic gestures have no ulterior motive. Their only purpose is to express love and appreciation; to show that you've been thinking of your partner; to bring love alive in the world.

This is goal to strive for, but one that we rarely achieve perfectly. That's okey. Don't worry about it. Love isn't about perfection, it's about love. And romance isn't about perfection either; it, too, is simply about love.

When it comes to love- the emotional side of relationship- men and women are much more alike than we are different.

When it comes to sex- now here's where most of the differences kick in!

You see, humans are complex mixture of physical and psychological attributes. The more you move down the physical/sexual end of the scale, the more pronounced the differences between men and women are. The more you move up the psychological/emotional end of the scale, the more similar men and women are:


Romance is an art, not a science.
Love is a cooperative sport, not a competitive sport.
Romance is not a business. There's no bottom line.
Love is not a battle. "War" metaphors are harmful to your health.


Jan 29, 2017

A Day in a Life: When passion is not a hobby...

[pix taken by I Phone 6 Plus/]

A simple beauty of the eye.
A reason.
A season.

A Day in a Life: When passion is not a hobby...

[pix taken from IPhone 6 Plus/]

Blooming as bright as the day...

Reducing the amount of work or time...

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"Ignoring the rights of an individual
for the sake of your convenience
is not justifiable..."

Reducing the amount of work or time
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Jan 23, 2017

Kunak Man...

[nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"natay dagiti rosas.
agbugbugsot ti lila.

nakarupanget rupak
malmaldaangan kaunggak..."

kunak man
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Kunak Man...

"ket no agngudo ti panid ti biagko
iti maysa nga aldaw, ammok a sikat' 

maysa a kapipintasan 
a kapitulo ti pakasaritaak..."

kunak man
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Jan 21, 2017

Kunak Lang...

[nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"ti kapudpudotan a marikna nga ayat
isut' kalamiisan iti kamaudianan..."

kunak lang
rudy ram. rumbaoa

sarukod [erotiko a daniw]

[nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

sika ti kakaisuna
nga apuy
a mangsegged nasipnget

a kabakirak.
umayka, ipaaymot' lawag

iti agkutkutimermer a rabii
ket ipadalanmo iti pagnaam

ti natibker-
ti saan a mapilko
a kania nga aglanglanga
nga uleg iti uneg ti kuebak.

agdakiwaska iti kasamekak.

aramatem ti sarukodmo;
iwasawasmo iti masangnguanan, 
iti sikigan ken malikudam
tapno mabugaw tubeng 
iti pagserkan.

aguyaska tapno makiki
dagiti ruot a nanglikmut 
a masagidmo,
paruarem ti ubbog 
ti namaga a kinelleng 
a di pay nasibugan-

ket bayat ti ilalaemmo
nga aramat ti sarukod,
riknaem tapno maimdengam
ti kalibnos ti kabakiran
a di pay naas-asak.

sarukod [erotiko a daniw]

rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Jan 18, 2017

Ita Nga Aldaw: Kunak Man...

"No maminsan, ti problema kaniak,
aglayongak iti taaw tapno laeng madanonko
dagiti tao a napateg iti biag-
nga uray isuda a mismo, dida pay maballasiw
ti rangtay a kumamang kaniak..."

Ita nga Aldaw: Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

maysaak met ngarud kadakuada...

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

Awan met ketdi...

no maminsan, iti nalabes a panangdidiosen ti kuarta, mapukaw ti kalidad ti trabaho. panagdardaras. puro kuantidad. puro panagakup a kasla bulong ti panagsapul iti kuarta. awanen anag ti trabaho a kas maitutop ken maiparbeng nga umno a trabahuen. awanen ti kinaadda iti pannakipagrikna wenno kinaadda iti panangngaasi wenno simpatia [compassion]; wenno, mannakipagrikna, manangngaasi wenno managsimpatia [compassionate] a panangtaming wenno di panangtrato kadagiti tao a rebbengna a maipaayan iti umno a pannaripato a kas itudo [koma] ti trabaho a trabahuen.
ngem dimo bukod ti lubong a paggargarawam. adda patingga ti amin. ta no umay ti malas- umay. ita, masapul a sangnguen ken risutem ti situasion a nakairamramanam.

awan met ketdi. nasaok lang. managpaliiw la ngata datao.

Jan 8, 2017

Kunak Man

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"Ni kaano man, dimo ipan 
ti bukod a tulbek ti ragsak
iti bulsa ti sabali..."

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Kunak Man

"Nasaysayaat pay ketdin ti agmaymaysa
ngem ti adda iti sidong ti sabali
a mangitunda ti riknam ti kinaagmaymaysa..."

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Kunak Man

"Amintayo kayatna ti ragsak,
awan mangayat iti sakit, panaas,
apges wenno ut-ot;
ngem ditay' matagikua ti bullalayaw
no awan sangkabassit a tudo..."

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

A Day in a Life: Getting no message is also a message

A Day in a Life:
08 Jan 2017

Since the beginning of this year, I received mystery callers. And when I answered them back, no response at all.
I called them, but nobody is answering. So what is this- playing games with me? What the heck?

I remember last year, it was a very busy for my phone. I received a lot of calls. These are coming from unknown senders. Some numbers appeared in my phone, some is unknown, and few are unavailable. But the fact, these numbers are actually mystery to me. So even though like that, I patiently answered them back. But guess what? I heard an unaudible sound from the other phone.
So when I say "hello" to the caller, just like they said "goodbye." Ahh!

016 was gone. I've been through a lot of trials. And a lot of phone calls from mystery callers and unknown senders. When 2017 came, I welcomed it with a big bang. Last year was only a memory to me. But a big part of my life, they give me a lot of lessons. This year, what's going on again with these calls? A repeatition of the past? Scammers? Nah!

So those playing games with me, go ahead. I play games with you, too. I've nothing to lose. But don't expect anything from me. I appreciate more if you show me your true identity or let me know your name or address so that we can meet personally, or sit down and talk stories. But by continuing doing this, this is only an act of cowardness. If you have message to me, let me know and not by doing some crazy or mystery calls. Your word is your face. Come on!

After all, I decided that the next time they call me again, I let the bark of the dog answer them.

But at the end of the day I realize, maybe these callers are trying to say something. What do they mean: "Getting no message is also a message...?"

Jan 6, 2017

A Day in a Life: Don't. I mean, don't

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
06 Jan 2017

In this earth, in this crowded world of human, many of us need to realize that everyone is not obligated to think like you think, look like you look, act the way you act, or believe what you believe. Some of us even very serious attending church [of their own choices]. Some think that when they go to church, they're very clean person when they come out from that religious groups they attended. They thought, [in the eyes of the people] their souls cleanse from sins because of what they're doing [or they just love to do it without a purpose, or prove to people that they're devoted or serious or simply show up so that people may respect them]. But not. After all, it's only a camouflage. They want to hide something from people what people want to know from them. Sometimes, when we put our focus on how others don't "look" like us, the fact, we rob ourselves of the ability to love them as we are commanded to do as the bible says. People of hyprocrite, don't go to church when you cannot carry what you learn from the inside to the outside!

And some people think, they're the king and queen. They love or like to see people bow to them whenever they met them. Beware!

Some people even very quiet at all but the fact, they're very dangerous. They stab your back whenever they have chances to do it. That's why, sometimes, we have to practice trust no one- even your close friends to the closest allies in life.

So, don't love what you can't trust. Don't hate what you can't have. Don't say what you can't show. Don't judge what you don't know.

Yes, don't. I mean, don't. Period...

Jan 5, 2017

Ita nga Aldaw

"No maminsan, kaddarato dagiti 
banag a nakasaktan 
isuda ti mangisuro kenka
ti kapintasan a leksion iti biag..."

Ita nga Aldaw
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Jan 3, 2017

Ita nga Aldaw: Gasat

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

Panangpalubos- pannakaamiris;
Sumagmamano kadakuada
ti nagbalin a paset ti pakasaritaam,
ngem saan a naikari a [ka]gasatmo...

Kunak Man: No awan balikas a magammatan ti panunot

"Agbibiagak iti daniw a diak maisurat..."

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Jan 1, 2017

Let it go, let it in

A Day in a Life:
01 Jan 2017
[Simple] Celebrations are not only for those who succeeded in life, but also a way of celebrating a cause. It's also a way of bonding families, relatives and friends. It's not only about food or drinks, but getting a closer look to each other- how a family run its foundation, how these friends and relatives care. A mean of good communication.
So when the day ends, let it go so that a new and brighter tomorrow comes, let it in. If there's no enough space, empty it. Prepare a space for the one who comes. Welcome it!
We have choices in life; either accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them because life is not like an MP3 where you can play what you want but life is like a radio where you have to enjoy what's being played.
So when we celebrate, we celebrate. There's a reason. There's a season...

Filipino Tradition on New Year's Eve

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
29 Dec 2016

New Year's Day is fast approaching.
So what we gonna do on the night before New Year's day? For Filipinos, there some tradition we always do as part of our cultural nd supertitious belief. Just like before the clock strikes midnight to herald in the new year, all doors must be left wide open to allow good luck to enter. This includes cupboards, drawers, cabinets… windows!
Some Filipinos try to dress in polka-dots because the roundness signifies prosperity. Pockets are filled with round coins, which are jangled to attract wealth. Coins are also left on top of tables and in drawers.
At the exact moment of midnight, Filipino children jump as high as they can because they believe this will make them taller.
But whatever condition your wallet is in when the New Year arrives, so it will be the rest of the year. Make sure to put in the money your received on Christmas. The same goes for the neatness of your home.
Filipinos spend the last days of the year vigorously cleaning everything, especially of dust. However, on the first day of the new year, you are not supposed to do any cleaning. No cleaning on New Year’s Day itself!
And don’t start the year off by spending money. Frugality on the first day sets the tone for wise money management in the coming year.
So there you go. But for me, whatever these traditions are, it depends on the person who gonna do it and believe for it. For some of us are liberated and conservative in nature.

Dec 29, 2016

Pananglagip ken Panagyaman

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

Ket wen, sakbay nga agngudo daytoy a tawen, lagipek amin a nagpasarak iti daytoy nakiro a lubong no dagitoy man ket nakasaktak wenno adda napasaktan; no dagitoy ket ragsak wenno liday; iti tiempo ti pannubok/nakasuotak wenno nakalasatak; no adda nagkurangak, isu ti punnoak; no nagbalinak a nalupoy, padasek ti agbalin a napigsa; no adda man nagkurangak nga espiritual a banag a maisupadi wenno maisalungasing iti pagayatan ti Dios, dumawat ti pammakawan wenno ania ditan a pakababalawak, dumawatak iti despensa ken pammawakan- ta siak, taoak lang a kas met kadakayo.
Ngem iti kamaudiananna, kangrunaan ti amin, agyamanak iti Dios. Agyamanak Kenkuana iti laksid nga inaramidko amin a kabaelak, dinak binaybay-an. Pudno a managbasolak. Inyismagelko ti pammatik iti dapanko tapno iti sadino man a papanak, adda sadiay ti Dios: adda latta kaniak nga agnanayon ket inton kaano man, silalagipak Kenkuana- iti desdes ti nalikudak a kalman ken ti turongek a masakbayan.
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
29 Disiembre 2016
Wailuku, Maui


[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
26 Dec 2016

THE day after Christmas was not that cold.
So it teases: Hope next year will be better. Will be more luckier.
But lies: If you had only gotten what you wanted then fade away...
Gift wrappers litter the floor like confetti. The living room looks like a circus. The dining table left a lot of mess. What? But that was it is. I'm honest, it kind of was.
So by mid-day, the living room is clean and empty of gifts. Though the christmas tree still up, now it looks like somebody steal the glowliness of what we waited before this important day. We are left only with our trinkets.
So there you go, loneliness sets in.
These mixed emotions collide and cloud my vision. Was it the best day of the year, or worst? Hmm... Did I find the true spirit of Christmas and recapture child-like wonder just like I used to be?
I think back to the day that now seems so far away, so unapproachable...they're gone.
We sang our favorite songs with family and friends. We danced during the night with full of happiness. We feasted just like there's no more tomorrow to come. We napped, but found no rest. Instead, still wished for more.
We waited. And still, we waited more. For Christmas day- when a child comes into the world and we felt we become children again. But when it came in all its glory, it still felt like we were waiting. What else do we want?
Or, maybe we were.
Was this how the shepherds felt, after the angel songs ceased and they returned to their flocks? Was this the same let-down the magi experienced, when they began the long trek home and Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt?
Did they wonder like I do, or shall I say, we do: Was this it? All we had been waiting for gone in a seconds? Or a baby in a manger? A gift, money and a food hangover?
But glory fades and every coming goes- no matter what you are, who you are.
And there are no words to honor this, only tears. And maybe the hope that there is still more waiting to this crowded world.

Christ: The Meaning of Christmas

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a n

A Day in a Life:
25 Dec 2016
Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Family, friends, and neighbors are welcomed into our homes with loving arms as we anticipate the birth of Christ. He is the reason for the season, and we need to be sure to celebrate his birth appropriately. Unfortunately, many of us Christians are only concerned with the material side of Christmas. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of sales and deadlines and so forget why this month is so important.

As children, we eagerly await Christmas morn, with all its glamour and glitter beneath the tree. The tearing open of presents along with squeals of delight from the children warms my heart. These memories are precious and few. But are we doing all we can to celebrate Jesus’s birth? Are we teaching them that He is why we celebrate this glorious day? I have started to focus on giving my daughter daily reminders during the month of December about why Christmas is special, and what we should actually be focusing on besides our wish lists. Here are a few I have gone over with them this month so far:

While we have had an Advent wreath in the past, some families were terrible at keeping schedule and having prayer time each evening. Children range in ages from nineteen to two years old. While other teens certainly understand much more about Christmas since they attended Catholic school, young kids still need to be taught to put prayer and selflessness first. Children likes to read from an Advent reflection during the lighting of the candle. They also want to talked about how difficult Mary and Joseph’s trip must have been while they sought a place for Mary to safely give birth. They like to discussed how excited and perhaps nervous Mary may have been that night, and how brave she was to accept such a gift from God.

My daughter love to receive gifts, of course! I have also found that children really do enjoy the gift of giving. I have noticed that if we offer charity in some way to those in need, they begin to think of others more often. They think about helping others before we even mention it. I truly believe that this is a character trait that portrays the image of God, something that other kids are quite concerned about. Singing at a nursing home, making handmade ornaments for neighbors, or perhaps helping with a meal are all ways we have given back. These activities do not require large sums of money, thankfully. It also helps us think creatively!

Christ. He is the reason for the season. Many times children are caught up in the materialistic side of Christmas. If you think about it, it is quite appalling that Christmas has become a huge retail holiday. It overshadows the joy of Christmas by making us stress out about gifts, parties, and too much food. We sometimes become so agitated that we dread Christmas day. The fear of disappointing someone, hurting someone’s feelings, or undercooking the turkey can take away from what God intended us to celebrate: the birth of His Son.

If you do encounter one of these scenarios (and you probably will), remember to stop and think about what God wants from us during Christmas. Love, togetherness, and rejoicing are the things He wants from us! Slow down and take in what is around you. Attend Mass and rediscover the glory of the season. Go to confession during Advent and cleanse your soul from the burdens you carry. We cannot please everyone all the time, but we can surely try to please God. Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Oh, that rainbow on the morning of Christmas Eve

A Day in a Life:
24 Dec 2016
Rainbow speak directly to our heart and soul, filling us with awe and energies of liquid love pouring all around us. Rainbow bring the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass, hold strong in your faith and vision and the rainbow will bring fresh beginnings, and new prosperity.
It is also an extraordinary symbol of following our hearts desire and purpose...thus, to get to the end of the rainbow is a symbol of celebration of that fulfillment.
It has such a powerful meaning to each of us and graciously bestows the energy of blessings. The symbolism of a rainbow intuitively tells us to hold onto hope, to believe beyond a shadow of doubt that sacred blessings open to us when we are following our hearts desire. It also tells us that we are guided to our hearts desire when we open to spirit to let it guide us.

Dec 18, 2016

Kunak Man

Ammom ti naganko
Ngem saan ti pakasaritaak
Ammom ti isemko
Ngem saan ti ut-ot nga adda kaniak
Makitam dagiti sugat kaniak
Ngem saan ti piglat
Mabalin a mabasam panaggunay bibigko
Ngem saan ti panunotko-

Kinapudnona, dinak pulos am-ammo!

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa