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Apr 23, 2017

Kunak Man

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

"Ad-adu a sabong ti maawat
dagiti pimmusay ngem dagiti nabiag
gapu ta dakdakkel kadakuada

ti panagbabawi ngem ti panagyaman..."

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Apr 4, 2017

Ti Ladda: Kukuam amin nga atension no napusaksak, no nakabangbangloka. Ngem iti kanito a maregreg ti petalo ti sabongmo, addanto pay ngata alimbubuyog nga agdakiwas wenno mailaw-an a mangsisip ti nektarmo?

Ladawan ala ti IPhone 6 Plus

Ti Ladda: Nagpusaksakka idi kalman. Ngem kitaem, aglaylayka itan. Pudno, awan ti permanente iti nakiro a lubong...

Ladawan ala ti IPhone 6 Plus

Ti Ladda: One, two, three, four. Four blooming flowers that caught my attention. It remind me of something that the memory still in my heart...

Ladawan ala ti IPhone 6 Plus

Ti Ladda: Panangsapul dagiti sabong kadagiti itlog, ngannganin!

Ladawan ala ti IPhone 6 Plus

Ti Ladda: Somewhere Out There Beneath the Pale Moonlight...

Ladawan ala ti IPhone 6 Plus

Mar 22, 2017

Ti Ladda: Ladawan

Ti ladawan maysa a daniw
nga awanan balikas...

ti ladda: ladawan
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Ti Ladda: Napusaksak

napusaksak a sabong
ti kalanuchi iti panagrurusing...

ti ladda: napusaksak
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Mar 17, 2017

Ti Ladda: Panunot

mayarig iti panunot ti buya
ti dua a tawa: nalawag iti uneg
ti maysa a kuarto idinto 
a nasipnget ti maikadua...

ti ladda: panunot
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Mar 16, 2017

Ti Ladda: Sika

Sika ti mangpasidap kadagiti matak
uray siak ti nagpatpatnag a nagpuyat,
kenka ti liwliwa- maabbukay 'toy rikknak.
Ti aldawmo isut' rabiik, ti rabiim isut' aldawko...

Ti Ladda: Sika
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Ti Ladda: Rosas

O, napusaksak a rosas
ti rabii, kaarigmo la unay
ti ayamuom a banglo 
dagiti managpuyat a rosas
iti Lower Main...

Ti Ladda: Rosas
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Ti Ladda: Panagrukbab, Kalanuchi ken Bulan

panagrukbab dagiti sabong
ti kalanuchi iti lawag ti bulan...

ti ladda: panagrukbab, kalanuchi ken bulan
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Ti Ladda: Rukbab

Rukbab, panagrukbab,
marukrukbab, parukrukbab.
Sino? Dagiti di makita,
di-katatawan, didiosen,
an-anito, dagiti makita,
agturay, managparabur,
dagiti mangikakaasi, nakautangan,
ay-ayaten wenno patpatgen?

Ti Ladda: Rukbab
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

Feb 25, 2017

A Day in a Life

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
25 Feb 2017

In many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, it's not
uncommon to make some sort of offering or sacrifices
to the gods. Bear in mind that despite the reciprocal nature
of our relationship with the divine, it's not a matter of
"I'm offering you this stuff so you'll grant my wish."
It's more along the lines of "I honor you and respect you,
so I'm giving you this stuff to show how much I appreciate
your intervention on my behalf."

In our modern days, this Pagan practices still practiced
by many of us not only in the society or community,
or by a certain group, religious sect or the church-
we also observed this in our working places

or in schools or in any attempts to do so
just to please our bosses or superiors to
grant us our wishes or requests- in the likes

of higher pays, bonuses, higher grades, 
give us vacations, etc, etc...

And so in return or in exchange 
for these wishes or requests
to be granted, we offer them something,
or even bribe them the kinds of expensive
valuables, or do what their personal interests, 

honors or even unending work for them
just to make sure we get what we wanted for.

Some get envy. Others get mad. And these
lucky people travel or enjoy leisure while the rests
work hard to earn a descent kind of living...

This is life anyway. Tsk!


Feb 14, 2017

Gundaway ken Sirkumtansia [Erotiko a Daniw]

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

yaonka manipud iti karayan
a pagdigdigosam; iti kasta,
baludennaka dagiti takiagko
iti nairut, kayatko marikna
ti sang-aw ti bara ti bagim-
iti nagbaetan ti langit ken daga

pudno, saanka a nailibay malaksid
iti nasayud a panangdungpar kenka
ti panunotko, ket nagpettak a kas
konfeti a naregreg manipud iti tangatang,
nagpusaksak manipud iti tubbog ti cherry

nakasaganaak, ur-urayek nga awisennak
tapno ipadalanko ti nasam-it a bibigko
dita barukongmo ket mapnekakto
a mangnamam ti arak dagiti didiosen

wen umayak, ungapem dayta bibig
ammok a tagtagiurayem a kunnotek
ti nalabaga, ti derosas a mungay
ket mangibati ti lamma iti panangyaradok
ti dila agingga a maluom
ti maited a gundaway ken sirkumtansia.

gundaway ken sirkumtansia [erotiko a daniw]
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Feb 13, 2017


[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]
A Day in a Life:
14 Feb 2017

Couples who have and planning to have an A+ Relationship keep their love life a number one priority.

How to do that? For me and my wife, we sit down together on the first day of every month and review our calendars. We make our romantic plans first, and then fit other like work/job related, meetings/meeting people, appointments and other commitments to our schedule.

It's not bad to share 6 of your 7 days/nights in a week [8 hours/day or 27 days/month] to other commitments or jobs, or to someone/somebody just to say a satisfactory kindness or compassion to others, still, it's the best yet. But giving-away 70% share to your family because of other commitments is too unfair.

Division of labor is the best.

For my/our own division is something like this: 70% goes to the family, the rest is for other commitments like job/work, friends, appontments, etc, etc...Because as we all know, "dependence" isn't healthy in a love relationship. This leads to co-dependency.

Likewise to "independence" also doesn't work well, either. The questions is, "What's the point of being a couple if your main goal is to be independent?"

So, the best thing to do is to be an "interdependence" wherein the goal that people in A+ Relationship aim for because there's a saying: "familiarity does not 'breed contempt'- it's boredom and lack of creativity that breed contempt... that leads to temptation."



Feb 9, 2017

A Day in a Life: Right or Left Brainers

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
09 Feb 2017

So, who are the better romantics: right-brainers or left-brainers?

Everyone thinks it's the right-brained, creative types by as long as shot. But a great many left-brainers are tremendously romantic. It's just the right-brainers are louder and spontaneously about it. But those logical types are great planners of surprises and great noticing little but important things about their partners.

That means, Right-Brained people tend to be creative and spontaneous. They feel first and think second. And the Left-Brained people tend to be logical and practical. They also feel first and think second., which one are yours?


A Day in a Life

A Day in a Life:
When it comes to romance,
the passion is more
important than the happy ending

Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Kunak Man...

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

"Without you, 
I plant roses,
yet only thorns grow..."

["Iti kaawanmo,
nagmulaak iti rosas
ngem siit ti nagtubo...]

Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Feb 5, 2017


[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
05 Feb 2017

The A+ Relationship is a powerful concept that reveals unique insights into loving relationships. It is a technique, a tool that can help you to accomplish teo things. First, it helps you understand your loving relationship on a deep level that is impossible to achieve in any other way. And second, it help you take action on your love in ways that fulfill you and your partner as individual and nurture the two of you as couples.

But how do you achieve an A+ Relationship? You commit yourself to excellence, you work hard, and you work on your relationship skills together. In other words, to the best of your ability, you live your love. Great relationships are acts of concious creation, and the two of you are artists working to create one life out of two. While falling in love does "just happen," staying in love never happens by itself.

You- and every couple have the power to establish your own "rules" and expectations for your relationship. This kind of empowerment is a major factor in why the twenty-first century marks a new epoch in the revolution of human relationships. We're free to break away from the rigid, stereotyped thinking that characterized relationships. You have the oppurtunity to create a "custom-fit" relationship that incorporates the best of the timeless values- commitment, faith, honesty, etc., with best of the modern values- equality, flexibility, creativity, etc. You create your own set of standards and establish your own goals for your relationship.

The A+ Relationship concept focuses on behavior, not on personality. It's not about making value judgments of people, it's about making honest evaluations of people's behavior. It helps you look directly at how you're doing it right now, and then helps you achieve your future relationship goals.

What more would you ask for?


Feb 4, 2017


[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
04 Feb 2017

"Give 100% to your relationship. But don't fall into the trap of trying to "give 150%." It sounds impressive, but it's impossible to give more than you have. It will just frustrate you and make you feel guilty..."

GREAT relationships aren't 50/50. They're 100/100.

Having a "fifty-fifty" relationship sounds like a good goal- but it's not. An equitable realtionship is not the same thing as a loving relationship. Fifty-fifty really means "I'll meet you halfway." In other words, "I'll work only this hard, I"ll give only this much, then it's your turn to meet me halfway." Love is about giving 100%, not merely 50%.

Nobody can give 100% of himself 100% of the time- it's impossible. But you can aim for it, and when you [inevitably] fall short, it'll still be okey. Even if you each fall short by as much as 50%, you'll still be in fine shape; it'll still ass up to something close to 100%. The problem is when you're both trying to limit your giving to "your fair share" - usually defined as 50%. If you do that, you'll definitely fall short of 100%.

Five minutes to romance= 1 day of harmony.

Think of all the times that your failure to do something little thing- like calling to tell her you'll home late from work, or mailing her birthday card on time- has caused a full day of unhappiness. Consistent attention to your lover will keep your relationship balanced and happy. It doesn't take much. Little gestures go a long way.

So for a romantic mathematicians, a cardioid is "the path of a point on a circle that rolls externally, without slipping, on another equal circle."



Palubosannak ta pagrukbabak
ti didiosek iti altar ti nagbaetan
dagita luppo, ket ti isusukok
nga agparintumeng iti sangngoanan
ti mannakabalin unay a puersa ti kueba-
agkurnoak, agdaydayawak kenkuana.

Bay-annak ngarud nga agbalin
nga adipen ni ayat ket awitek
ti mensahe ti essem,
yarasaasko kenka ti makakiki a kararag
tapno sumged ti kinaagnanayon nga apuy.

naadaw iti maysa a paset ti daniwko "bay-am"
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Feb 3, 2017

A Day in a Life: Love is Simple [But it's not easy]

[Nabulod ti ladawan a naaramat]

A Day in a Life:
03 Feb 2017

Romantic gestures have no ulterior motive. Their only purpose is to express love and appreciation; to show that you've been thinking of your partner; to bring love alive in the world.

This is goal to strive for, but one that we rarely achieve perfectly. That's okey. Don't worry about it. Love isn't about perfection, it's about love. And romance isn't about perfection either; it, too, is simply about love.

When it comes to love- the emotional side of relationship- men and women are much more alike than we are different.

When it comes to sex- now here's where most of the differences kick in!

You see, humans are complex mixture of physical and psychological attributes. The more you move down the physical/sexual end of the scale, the more pronounced the differences between men and women are. The more you move up the psychological/emotional end of the scale, the more similar men and women are:


Romance is an art, not a science.
Love is a cooperative sport, not a competitive sport.
Romance is not a business. There's no bottom line.
Love is not a battle. "War" metaphors are harmful to your health.


Jan 29, 2017

A Day in a Life: When passion is not a hobby...

[pix taken by I Phone 6 Plus/]

A simple beauty of the eye.
A reason.
A season.

A Day in a Life: When passion is not a hobby...

[pix taken from IPhone 6 Plus/]

Blooming as bright as the day...

Reducing the amount of work or time...

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"Ignoring the rights of an individual
for the sake of your convenience
is not justifiable..."

Reducing the amount of work or time
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa

Jan 23, 2017

Kunak Man...

[nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"natay dagiti rosas.
agbugbugsot ti lila.

nakarupanget rupak
malmaldaangan kaunggak..."

kunak man
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Kunak Man...

"ket no agngudo ti panid ti biagko
iti maysa nga aldaw, ammok a sikat' 

maysa a kapipintasan 
a kapitulo ti pakasaritaak..."

kunak man
rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Jan 21, 2017

Kunak Lang...

[nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

"ti kapudpudotan a marikna nga ayat
isut' kalamiisan iti kamaudianan..."

kunak lang
rudy ram. rumbaoa

sarukod [erotiko a daniw]

[nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

sika ti kakaisuna
nga apuy
a mangsegged nasipnget

a kabakirak.
umayka, ipaaymot' lawag

iti agkutkutimermer a rabii
ket ipadalanmo iti pagnaam

ti natibker-
ti saan a mapilko
a kania nga aglanglanga
nga uleg iti uneg ti kuebak.

agdakiwaska iti kasamekak.

aramatem ti sarukodmo;
iwasawasmo iti masangnguanan, 
iti sikigan ken malikudam
tapno mabugaw tubeng 
iti pagserkan.

aguyaska tapno makiki
dagiti ruot a nanglikmut 
a masagidmo,
paruarem ti ubbog 
ti namaga a kinelleng 
a di pay nasibugan-

ket bayat ti ilalaemmo
nga aramat ti sarukod,
riknaem tapno maimdengam
ti kalibnos ti kabakiran
a di pay naas-asak.

sarukod [erotiko a daniw]

rudy ram. rumbaoa
dagiti koleksion a daniw, sarita, kanta ken dadduma pay

Jan 18, 2017

Ita Nga Aldaw: Kunak Man...

"No maminsan, ti problema kaniak,
aglayongak iti taaw tapno laeng madanonko
dagiti tao a napateg iti biag-
nga uray isuda a mismo, dida pay maballasiw
ti rangtay a kumamang kaniak..."

Ita nga Aldaw: Kunak Man
Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
Dagiti Koleksion a Daniw, Sarita, Kanta ken Dadduma Pay

maysaak met ngarud kadakuada...

[Nabulod laeng ti ladawan a naaramat]

Awan met ketdi...

no maminsan, iti nalabes a panangdidiosen ti kuarta, mapukaw ti kalidad ti trabaho. panagdardaras. puro kuantidad. puro panagakup a kasla bulong ti panagsapul iti kuarta. awanen anag ti trabaho a kas maitutop ken maiparbeng nga umno a trabahuen. awanen ti kinaadda iti pannakipagrikna wenno kinaadda iti panangngaasi wenno simpatia [compassion]; wenno, mannakipagrikna, manangngaasi wenno managsimpatia [compassionate] a panangtaming wenno di panangtrato kadagiti tao a rebbengna a maipaayan iti umno a pannaripato a kas itudo [koma] ti trabaho a trabahuen.
ngem dimo bukod ti lubong a paggargarawam. adda patingga ti amin. ta no umay ti malas- umay. ita, masapul a sangnguen ken risutem ti situasion a nakairamramanam.

awan met ketdi. nasaok lang. managpaliiw la ngata datao.